Lent’s Lasting Labyrinth 

Kay-Marie Stroud shares her experiences of Lent:

For a long time I have, like many people, given something up for Lent - most years I've given up chocolate (one of my greatest weaknesses!). This has two great benefits - practicing self-control and losing weight - but I began to question whether these were the best motivations for moving forward into Lent. So for Lent 2016 I determined to create space for God to speak. I discovered that when you give God permission, He never says no!

During Holy Week of 2016 we had a fantastic 24/7 prayer labyrinth here at Christ Church. This provided a perfect opportunity to listen to what God was saying to me... in fact I was so determined not to fall asleep that I even brought along my housemate at 2am in the morning to come, pray and worship with me.

The birds chirped their early morning song as I engaged with the prayer stations and waited for some sort of direction and prompting from God. When I reached the prayer station at the front of the church, I sat and waited some more. My housemate began to play the piano and we began to sing spontaneously into the space “God what are you saying, how are you speaking?”

For several years, I had been finding it difficult to communicate what God was doing inside me and felt like my words had dried up, even though I had written songs before. But on this occasion, I sensed God saying that He was going to rekindle those words in me and release creativity in me again.

From that day onwards I started writing songs again. I now have pages full of ideas in my song book and have finished a couple. I also began journalling, which was new for me. One of the most encouraging pieces I started writing was my testimony. For years I have wanted to communicate my story which is one of great battle and victory and a testament to God’s grace. During Lent last year I began a novel based on the extraordinary events of Jesus in my life. I can’t wait to find the proper setting to share it!

I now realize that a year has passed and I am still writing. For Lent this year I have decided to give up another great love of mine, this time based on God’s prompting rather than my own. I have learnt that Lent is more than just a Christian Festival but an opportunity to be transformed. I pray that during this special season that you will also experience something more of who He is.


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About the Author:
Kay-Marie Stroud - WorshipKay-Marie is employed as our Worship Team Pastor to coordinate music, seeking to enable all generations to be transformed by God's presence in worship. She is passionate about helping people grow in their gifts and coordinates our music for the 10.30 and 6.30 services as well as sound and vision operations. She also teaches voice in schools.