Christ Church PCC

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) are our board of trustees, who work with the Vicar to hold our leadership team to account for implementing the church's vision and values. They also have legal responsibility for ensuring that we look after our staff, volunteers, premises and finances and remain legally compliant with church and charity law. The majority of our PCC members are elected at our annual church meeting, and it is a great opportunity to serve practically and represent views from across the congregation.

Photo of PCC 2017-2018
Our current PCC members for 2017-18 (from left to right)
top row: Ron Jeeves, Paul Gabriel, Mark Slatter, Nigel Challis, Christine Akot, Simon Durrant, Marianne Isherwood, Carole Slatter, Ade Adebisi, Andrew Morsley, Andy Newham
bottom row: Penny Carballo-Smith, Helena Tucker, Rachel Wilson, Sue Arnold, Bola George, Clive Scowen
also: Natalia Lester-Bush, Rachel Calvey, Matthew Hoskings, Dave Arnold

View minutes from recent PCC meetings here.