Christ Church PCC

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) are our board of trustees, who work with the Vicar to hold our leadership team to account for implementing the church's vision and values. They also have legal responsibility for ensuring that we look after our staff, volunteers, premises and finances and remain legally compliant with church and charity law. The majority of our PCC members are elected at our annual church meeting, and it is a great opportunity to serve practically and represent views from across the congregation.

PCC Photo 2016-2017
Our current PCC members for 2016-17 (from left to right)
top row: Clive Scowen, Richard Dennis, Ron Jeeves, Ade Adebisi, Andrew Morsley, Mark Slatter, Nigel Challis, Simon Durrant, Sue Arnold, John Nixson, Mark Dunning
bottom row: Bola George, Rachel Wilson, Helena Tucker, Andy Newham,
also: Natalia Lester-Bush, Millie Flashman, Marianne Isherwood, Michael Citroen, Barbara Workman

You can view PCC minutes on our website here.

Could you join our PCC in 2017?

We are looking for new PCC members in April 2017. We'd particularly love to encourage representation from across our diverse community, and would welcome those have a heart to see the church flourish and lives transformed as we move forward together into a new season. There's an opportunity to bring your voice to one of our Focus Teams as they shape strategy in key areas of church life including our Sunday services, mission, discipleship and youth & children's work. We would also value those with experience in areas such as HR, risk management, health & safety, property development and financial planning. You would need to commit for a minimum of 1 year (some roles require up to a 3 year term).

Key responsibilities of PCC members are:

  • Working with the Vicar to oversee the church's vision and values
  • Supporting the Leadership Team and holding them to account as they deliver the church's ministry and mission
  • Being a trustee with accountability for our premises, finances and personnel
  • Representing different perspectives from across the congregation as we make key decisions

Please speak to Simon Durrant, Andrew Morsley or Andy Newham if you'd like to find out more about joining the PCC.